Fence Repair

Contact us for any type of fence repair.  Wether you want wood panels replaced or fence posts dug, we are here to help!  It is important to maintain your fence to get maximum usage out of it.  We are here to help you recover from the effects of a storm!

Wooden Fence Repair in Titusville

Slats. Vertical. Horizontal. Posts. Total fence repair. Yep. We do it all. We use other materials too, but then again, nothing quite says “American Success” quite like a wooden fence, right? 

We repair any fence in any condition. Titusville, give us a call today to see how wonderful fence repair can actually be!

PVC Fence Repair in Titusville

PVC? Yeah, its not just for water pipe replacement underground anymore! People are making fences out of the stuff! And you know what? We repair them too!

Whether your PVC fence needs some serious TLC or you just want a fresh coat of laquer to give it that faux finish you always wanted, S&B does it. One stop, pvc fence repair and finishing shop indeed!

Can’t decide on what type of fence you want or thinking about full fence replacements? You should definitely check what S&B and PVC can do for you!

Titusville Gate Repairs

Tired of having to really put some elbow grease into opening the front gate to your beautiful garden? How about that missing gate lock in the back you pray nobody finds? Loose doggie door? We got you covered!

We fix all of Titusville’s gates! Steel, wood, pvc, vinyl- it don’t matter! S&B has you covered with amazing service and top notch materials! Call us and ask us about our wide range of gate styles and materials for fresh gate installations or gate replacements. We also fix, repair and install new parts and locks for your gate so you feel more secure lounging about your castle!