Home Repair

Contact us for any project, small to large.  We can take care of your repair needs during an emergency or help deal with the damage after an emergency.  We are here to make your home a little ‘homier.’  

Have you been been putting off that little house project that would make your life easier?  We can help!

We offer Property Maintenance services.  We will be glad to discuss this with you and perhaps enter into a long term business relationship.

Home Repair In Titusville

We’re local to Titusville so finding us is a snap! A lot of our work is local to so we can definitely show you a few projects. Some of your neighbors may have even used our services before too!

While we rely heavily on word of mouth referrals, S&B Contractors place a high emphasis on customer satisfaction. Whether its repairing your gutters or remodeling your entire first floor, our business depends on our customer satisfaction. To all of our customers who have allowed us to build their dreams, we thank you for the opportunity and to those who have not yet found us, wait til you see what we can do for you!

Titusville Flooring

Tripping over knots in the floor? Is that 30+ year linoleum floor coming unglued? These can be fire hazards and potentially lethal in certain circumstances! Trip over your old or faulty flooring in the middle of the night and you will see our point. 

Never fear! S&B is here! With a wide selection of different flooring, our technicians are trained year round to be able to handle any type of flooring issue you may have and they train even harder for the ones you don’t have. Affordable and quality results make us a strong leader in Titusville for your flooring repairs and installations.

Foundation Repairs in Titusville

Most contractors lack the where with all to be strong in foundation repairs. Luckily for you, our constitution is never lacking in this department. We firmly believe that good roots or bones provide the warmest hearths and the best memories. From the rebar to the wallpaper and everything in between, you can count on S&B to deliver quality craftsmanship when it comes to these repairs- the most important repairs any home can undergo.