Hurricane Cleanup and Repair

We are here to help you prepare for an in-coming hurricane or other storm.  Customers enjoy having their windows ‘boarded up’ by our team and not have to worry about having to do it themselves.  

We are here to help you recover from damage caused by a hurricane or other storm.  We can help you repair any damage to the interior or exterior of your home.  

Hurricane Cleanup and Stump Removal in Titusville

Its a fact, hurricanes, while not often, do hit Florida. While most will hit our brothers and sisters in south eastern Florida more often than our Space coast, there have been a few that have missed them and hit us.

When hurricanes hit, they down trees and leave unsightly, dead stumps in their wake. S&B can handle all of your post hurricane stump removals. We even handle stump removal for non hurricane related issues!

Hurricane Roof Repair in Titusville

Hurricanes, with their big bad winds and knock your entire roof off! Luckily, S&B has you covered Titusville! Our professional staff are all Florida natives and have decades of combined experience repairing damaged or leaky roofs after a hurricane strikes. 

We also offer roofing and roof repairs for non hurricane related damage.

Hurricane Window Repair in Titusville

Beyond roofs and landscape damage, hurricanes also pose a very dangerous threat to the lives of your windows!

While we as Floridians often have “hurricane-proof” glass installed in our homes, sometimes, a hurricane laughs and throws a car or other heavy object through your window. 

S&B has seen and heard it all when it comes to damaged windows due to hurricane conditions. We welcome any and all window repairs during any time of year.