Marine Cleaning

Leave the dirty work to us when it comes to your boat or yacht.  We offer maintenance services, on deck and below deck cleaning.

We provide a variety of services that are priced to suit your individual needs, small or large!

Some of these services include:

  • Detailing Services Exterior
  • Detailing Services Interior
  • Interior Cleaning Services
  • General Wash -Exterior
  • General Cleaning – Interior



Marine Detailing in Titusville

Whether you own a multi million dollare luxury yacht or a 16′ fishing boat, S&B loves boats and boat owners! Our extensive service list extends even to your boats! Oh, and we love making you look good on your prized sea vessel! All hands on deck bring forth the best results and a supremely clean look on your big day on the water!

Titusville Marine Interior Cleaning

Big messes on the water don’t scare us away! We said we love boats and we don’t care if yours is dirty! In fact, contact S&B today for a quick quote on cleaning the interior of your boat. We promise we will clean it better than you can!

General Marine Cleaning in Titusville

Cleaning your marine vehicle or boat in Titusville shouldn’t be a full weekend chore! You work too hard for that! Let our experts provide speedy, yet quality results for all your general marine cleaning requirements. Don’t worry, we probably clean your boat better than you do and in a fraction of the time! Plus, we are very affordable so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank! Call today for exciting offers and to hear about our monthly cleaning services!