Real Estate Property Services

We live in a lush tropical environment here on the Space Coast of Florida. Our land is absolutely gorgeous and our properties look pretty spiffy too!

In order to provide best service, S&B has decided to push forward with our special Real Estate Property Services packages. From property management to on call repairmen, we have your properties covered, Titusville!

Check out some of our services below to discover how our unparalleled residental and commercial services are being adapted to serve your property management requirements.

Titusville Commercial Real Estate Property Management

Landscapaing and upkeep don’t end at home! Our specialized Real Estate Property services team employs an even more specialized team to handle Commercial Real Estate Property Management. We know your customers can be demanding. That’s why our specialized team is dispatched to service your property in a timely manner with the quality you can rely on from S&B.

For pricing and details, call us to find out how we can help you beautify and maintain your commercial real estate.

Beautiful Landscaping Services in Titusville

Its your property. You bought it. You built it up and you made it wonderful! Now, its our turn. S&B brings our legendary services to your commercial real estate property as well as residential real estate properties. 

We offer specialized services for topiaries and decorative hedges as well as specialized garden tiles and extra care lawn maintenance.

Call us now to ask how we can make your vision reality or keep your rabbit hole pretty!

True Property Management in Titusville

Property management does not stop at landscaping or maintenance. True real estate property services involve all sorts of disciplines. S&B offers the following for true property management in Titusville:
-Metal Working
-Interior Design
– and other specialized services along with everything above!